Foundation Years

The Foundation Years website was contracted by the Department for Education as an information and support resource tool for professionals working with children in the early years.

The branding and design for the site needed to be bright, engaging with a slightly playful element which differs from the other sector and government information websites available.

The website was built on a content management system and updated by the 4Children Early Years team. Some of the functionality of the site included a commenting, resource tagging, cross referencing / related information logic email subscriptions and social media links.

The website was received positively with over 1 million visits, 4 million page views and 1 million downloads between 2012 and 2013. Within the first year the site received over 28,000 newsletter subscriptions.

An online forum was also built along side the website to facilitate an information sharing platform amongst professionals.

Foundation Years website FY_3_ScrenShotFY_Flyers_2